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Automotive•Electrical Engineering•Electromobility•Chemistry & Pharmaceuticals•Plant Construction•Biotechnology ...


- immediately available for interim assignments • project assignments • consulting
- according to your specific needs, requirements & expectations
- directly at your place or where you want us to be homeoffice • remote
- FULL-TIME • PART TIME • depending on the project just for a few days or hours per month

Automotive • Autonomous driving • Engineering • Battery production • Battery technology • Battery technology • Biotechnology Chemistry • Pharmaceuticals • Electrical engineeringPower Engineering • oil production • gas production • IT • Power Plant Technology • Plastics industry • Food Technology • Logistics • Aviation • Mechanical engineering • Medical • OEM • Optical industry • Aerospace • Rail transport technology • Shipbuilding • Technical building equipment • Telecommunications • Environmental engineering • Packaging machines • Military technology

You get our INTERIM MANAGERS, INTERIM EXPERTS & FREELANCERS for the above-mentioned sectors!
Our policy is always BEST VALUE FOR MONEY! Kotsikas Consulting, Phone +49-69-9541-0194


- immediately available for interim assignments or project assignments
- directly at your place or where you want them to be
- according to your specific needs, requirements and expectations
or even depending on the project just for a few days or hours per month

EXPERTS, we already provided to our customers (exemplarily listed alphabetically)

Automation engineer, Autonomous Driving technician, Battery technologist, Battery manufacturing expert, civil engineer
Simulation Engineer, business administration, Chemist, controller, Database Developer, Electrical Engineer, energy engineer, development engineer, research engineer, Hardware and software developer, Wood Technician, computer scientist, HVAC engineer, design engineer, Food technologist, Logistic operator, Aeronautical engineer, mechanical engineer, mathematician, mechatronic engineer, medical technicians, communication engineer, surface technician, Physical technician, physicist, product developer, production technician, project Manager, process engineer, quality manager, quality engineer, quality assurance expert, Aerospace engineer, shipbuilding engineer, security technician, simulation engineer, system engineer, technician, technical purchaser, environmental engineer, process engineer, packing technician, test engineer, sales engineer, materials engineer, industrial engineer and many other experts that we have not listed. Ask us.


You are looking for an interim Manager or Freelancer for bridging vacancies or managing urgent projects? As a leader or even to assist with project work? You are under time pressure and would have to fill an additional job or vacancy immediately with a suitable interim Management Expert such as Interim Project Manager, Interim Quality Manager, Interim Quality Engineer, Development Manager, etc.? Then you are exactly right with us! KOTSIKAS CONSULTING is your solution!

We specialize in INTERIM MANAGEMENT in the field of TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, PRODUCTION, QUALITY and PROJECT and cover all sectors and all materials with our specialists since 2006.

You are looking for experienced and highly qualified interim manager or temporary manager or freelancer? For project work for immediate use in your company, in one of your plants or at your local suppliers? As a resident or resident Manager?
We always have the right supplier manager and resident expert for you on a freelancer or interim manager basis.
You will find almost all technical positions, for which we can provide the appropriate and appropriate interim managers or interim management experts or freelancers.
You can get the know how of our interim managers or freelancers, which you really need. You think the freelancers or interim managers with exactly this know-how and the special experience that you are looking for, are not there as experts on time? We prove to you the opposite and make sure that you also get the interim manager or freelancer that is suitable for you. We solve your problems!

Our interim managers and freelancers cover all TECHNICAL FACILITIES and thus we can offer you a complete service in the field of interim management with our interim management experts.


TIME OF USE of our interim managers and experts

You decide how long you need our Interim Manager or Interim Management Expert.
Only a few days a month, a few days a week or full-time for several weeks or months. Everything is possible with us. Our experts always have your goal in mind and they achieve it.

The time period of use of our Interim Managers is flexible and will be determined by you. We have no gagging contracts like many of our competitors.You set the day on which our expert should start. You decide the day on which the use of our expert has been completed or extend the interim deployment at your convenience and absolutely uncomplicated.

Our Experts will not stay longer than necessary. Because we do not want that and you do not want that either.
This is what our customers appreciate.


You will receive profiles and offers of interim professionals from us which fit exactly to your requirements. You receive these profiles without any obligation.

You are looking for a suitable interim manager or freelancer?
We only submit profiles of interim managers who meet your requirements profile by more than 95%. This is precisely our job, namely understanding your requirements and offering the right Interim Manager or Interim Expert. This is our strength in nterim management, which makes us different from our competitors.

Latest 48 hours after you have informed us of the requirements (profile) for the position to be filled, you will receive an interim management expert profile (Interim Manager or Freelancer) who fulfills of at least 95% of the requirements in your profile promptly for you to be available.


The costs for an interim manager or interim management expert:
In fact, Interim Managers do not receive holiday pay, no Christmas money, no company car, no bonus, no credit termination. Thus, interim managers are not more expensive than executives or fixed experts, whether engineers or project managers.
Interim managers are also very productive, they do not need 100 days to familiarize themselves with their tasks on new jobs.

Our interim managers and freelancers are fully usable within a few days, they bring know-how and experience in the area you are looking for and do not have to acquire it.

These free additional services, such as over-qualification, extensive experience and above-average performance, make it particularly clear why many companies appreciate the interim management approach:
A) You can respond quickly and highly flexibly to developments without commitment to personnel.
B) Interim managers do not stay longer than required.
C) Interim Managers come when start when they are needed and leave when they are no longer needed. At least our interim managers and freelancers work with our customers.


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