by Konstantin Kotsikas

SoH Test

Batterie Test • SoH

We test the SoH (State of Health) of electric cars & plug-in hybrids across manufacturers, almost all models.The get a certificate or report from UNFALLGUTACHTEN24 AG, the independent vehicle expert organization.The most expensive component in an electric car is the drive battery. We offer our comprehensive check of the drive battery as a
Premium test over several days, where the battery is analyzed during usual journeys
or as a
Quick test in less than 15 minutes.

The battery is analyzed for defects.The battery test provides information about the state of health of the drive battery in electric cars and plug-in hybrids. The state of health shows which energy - the so-called SoH (State of Health) - can still be used for driving, in relation to the new condition of the battery according to the manufacturer. In other words, the capacity of the traction battery is decreasing, it is no longer at 100% when the electric car was new. Our tests determine what percentage of the battery the used electric car is still delivering.

Call us at +49-69-95410180 (Germany) or send us an email: batterietest@unfallgutachten24.de
Write a WhatsApp 01779121341

If you are Greek an you call from Greece: Mobile: 6945707157. We can test the battery of the used electric car you want to buy in Germany.

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