In 48 hours on site • interim manager • auditors IATF 16949 • ISO 9001

by Konstantin Kotsikas

and remote


Head of Quality Management
Head of Quality Assurance
uality manager
uality manager
Advanced Quality Planner
uality engineer
AUDITOR: IATF 16949 • ISO 9001 • ISO 14001 • ISO 45001 and others
External quality representative QB

- Bridging company-internal vacancies with assumption of management tasks up to the complete permanent employment or beyond (support with the permanent appointment)
- Support for different quality topics in series projects, development projects or pre-series or relocations
- Quality planning in the product development process PEP and APQP. PPAP, PPF, VDA, process approvals, R @ R, serial capability verification SFN and product releases with initial sampling according to PPAP, PPF
Start-up management at the start of series production of new products and new plants in Germany and abroad or when products or series are relocated to new plants
External resident engineer as the customer's interface to the supplier
Conducting internal audits as a system audit, process audit VDA 6.3, product audit VDA 6.5 and others.
Conversion to the new ISO 9001
Conversion to the new IATF 16949


• Relocation of products and supplies both domestically and abroad, e.g. to China
• Reorganization of plants in Germany and abroad
• Reconstruction of production sites in Germany and abroad
• Qualification of suppliers with weak supplier management through individual analysis and implementation of measures by experienced supplier managers
• Reduction of complaints with customers and suppliers with demonstrably efficient complaint management
• Support for quality issues with troubleshooting
• Carrying out supplier audits as a potential analysis or process audit according to VDA 6.3 and technical auditing in case of escalations
• Optimization of structures and processes with process optimization
• Cross-plant introduction of CAQ systems


• Know why you got better
• Short-term availability of our interim experts even within 24 hours
• Many years of professional experience in a managerial role with specialist responsibility and personnel responsibility
• No training period, immediate operational implementation
• Expert knowledge and solution competence with high and fast transfer of know-how into your company
• Experience with corporations and SME  • OEM • TIER
• entrepreneurial action
• exclusively task-related interest
• neutral view of an independent third party
• Remuneration on an hourly basis or daily rate, also as All IN (fixed price incl. All additional costs)
• time-manageable and calculable costs (we only stay as long as necessary and not a day longer)
• no notice periods, no severance pay

INTERIM MANAGEMENT QUALITY - EXAMPLE RESULTS from our interim quality experts

• Maintenance of certifications according to ISO 9001 • IATF16949
• Introduction IATF 16949 • IRIS 2.0
• Ensuring serial starts (SOP, # 1) on cost, on time, on quality
• Eliminate errors through process optimization to 100%
• Complaint rate cut customers by 50%, ppm corridor 0-200ppm
• Complaint rate reduced by 50%
• Successfully implement various customer supplier qualification programs
• Cross-plant development of CAQ systems including controlling, key figures, review


We also take care of the permanent position you desperately need and look for when other "classic" headhunters could not succeed for you.
You can also contact us immediately. Because what makes us different financially is the fact, how we settle our expenses with you - namely success-dependent! Costs arise only with us, if we occupy the place successfully for you!
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