New quality concept for SMEs

by Konstantin Kotsikas

Reduce quality personnel, reduce costs

A new way of thinking for quality departments that works successfully!

For years we have been doing this for customers (SMEs) with our quality experts. These companies have reduced their quality employees to a minimum and, with the additional support of our quality experts, they not only improved the quality figures but also significantly reduced costs, both in terms of personnel costs and Quality costs. We call the principle "Quality Expert know-how on demand".
The trend is clearly towards Quality-expert know-how on demand. The Corona crisis will convince even the last critic seeing its own employees trying to work from their home offices. Not everything has to be done on site, a lot can be done from home office or remote, more than many managing directors can imagine. And who can do this better than the interim experts and consultants? Our interim experts and consultants are predestined for this because they have been used to this for years or decades.

The supervision and processing of the quality issues takes place depending on your requirements, at your place by our experts on an hourly basis or for larger topics such as re-certification on a daily basis. A Quality expert selected by us from our company accompanies the customer on a part-time basis throughout the year or beyond. Depending on your needs, he will be at your location according to the "principle of a vending machine". You only tap the amount of water you need. You get the know-how of a top Quality Expert and you get it only at the time when you need him, on your demands. The Q experts we offer master the entire quality range. They could replace everyone in your company, from Quality manager down to Quality employee, or carry out their tasks. This means that our Quality Expert not only delivers "water", but also all other "liquids" to stick with this example of the vending machine.

Reduce costs: Our Quality Expert is paid by you on an hourly basis, when you need it. You do not pay for vacation, for illness, for training, etc., like you do for permanent employees but only the actual performance at the highest level at your location. You can find out more about this in a direct conversation with Mr. Kotsikas, because we only want to “sneak up” our customers and not our competitors.
The personnel costs of permanent Quality employees are 100% eliminated.

This is standard in other industries such as at IT. The assignment is made to highly qualified external specialists, i.e. interim experts or freelancers. The difference in the quality area is: Only the Quality Expert selected by us for you comes to you. He is and remains your direct single contact and at the same time your personal Quality expert. And not constantly different experts, as is common in IT.

OUT: The quality department is responsible for the quality and is made responsible for it. You have more and more quality employees in the Quality department and the quality doesn't get any better.

IN: The responsible departments and areas develop and produce quality. The responsibility goes to the process owners.

CONTACT: If you would like to find out more, give us a call. Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Kotsikas is Interim Manager Quality himself and has more than 25 years of Quality experience. Let us advise you to find the individual concept for your company. Phone +49-69-9541 ​​0194 or email

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