Quality Interim Management

by Konstantin Kotsikas


Interim management in the field of quality offers several advantages compared to permanent employment. Here are a few reasons:

  1. Specialization: Interim managers in the quality field often have extensive experience and expertise in this specific area. They specialize in helping companies optimize their quality processes and have often successfully completed similar projects before. This allows them to quickly and effectively take the right measures to improve quality.

  2. Flexibility: Interim managers are typically available for a limited period of time. This allows companies to bring them in precisely when they most urgently need their expertise. There are no lengthy hiring processes or long notice periods. Once the project is completed or the desired goals are achieved, the interim manager can simply move on.

  3. Objectivity: An interim manager in the quality field brings a fresh external perspective. Being detached from the company, they can assess existing quality processes objectively and without bias. This enables them to identify weaknesses and develop effective solutions without being influenced by internal power struggles or entrenched structures.

  4. Rapid results: Due to their experience, interim managers in quality can deliver quick results. They are trained to adapt quickly to new situations and implement efficient solutions. This allows companies to see positive changes in quality rapidly and enhance their competitiveness.

  5. Cost control: Compared to permanent employment, interim management can be cost-effective. Companies do not have to enter into long-term contracts and can pay the interim manager only for the period they are truly needed. Additionally, costs such as benefits, training, or long-term commitments to the company are eliminated.

While permanent employment also has its advantages, such as the possibility of long-term commitment from an employee, interim managers in the quality field provide an attractive option to address specific issues, leverage expertise, and achieve rapid improvements. With INTERIM you get results from day one.

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